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Harness the Power of the Pen!

Easy implementation for any school.

While the majority of educators are coming around to the importance of handwriting, the prospect of implementing instruction that is effective and proven may seem daunting. The good news: Zaner-Bloser and the American Association of School Administrators have already done the work of building handwriting standards for you!

Download the Standards

How the Written-Language Production Standards Were Developed

The PreK-8 Written Language Production Standards are research-based and incorporate

  • basic letter formation and keyboarding indicators included in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts.
  • national and local technology standards and policy.
  • state handwriting and keyboarding standards.
  • studies in motor skills development from occupational therapists.
  • data on language (written and oral) and brain activation from academic researchers.

The initial, proposed standards for Kindergarten–Grade 8 were posted for public review and feedback in April and May of 2012. In July of 2014, proposed standards for PreKindergarten were made available for public comment.

The HW21 Community would like to thank the educators, occupational therapists, and other concerned citizens who provided thoughtful feedback during the periods of public review. After careful consideration and revision, the resulting proposed PreK–8 Written Language Production Standards incorporate much of this feedback and are stronger for it.

These comprehensive, approved standards are available for implementation when you are!