Celebrate National Handwriting Day

Looking for ways to celebrate cursive? Do you want to spotlight your students’ mastery of manuscript? Here are some fun ways to put your own personal signature on the day. Use them in your classroom or as a personal exercise. You’re never too old—or young—to be a student of handwriting!

Write a letter.
Skip the e-mail and forgo the text to create a truly personalized greeting. A handwritten letter is a great way to reconnect with a friend or loved one. Challenge yourself to use a full page! Unlike some social media platforms that limit character count, letters allow you to say as much as you’d like.

Make a note of it.
A simple greeting posted (literally) on the fridge, in a lunch bag, or on a pillow can be a bright spot in someone’s day. Handwriting conveys sentiment and personality. Try creating your own handwritten emojis!

Compose a journal entry.
Take two minutes to write down exactly what you’re feeling at a given moment. Chances are you’ll think more deeply and express more feeling when letting your emotions flow directly from your brain through your hand.

Do the math.
Handwriting teaches important skills like spacing, organization, and hand-eye coordination. Practice writing out numbers for simple addition or subtraction, rather than turning to an app or a calculator.

Check your signature.
You never know when someone might ask for your autograph! Be prepared with a signature that’s as unique as you are, yet still legible enough to be an identifier. Share with others to get their feedback, and think about what your loopy “o”s and tightly crossed “t”s say about you.

List it out.
Research proves that you’re more likely to remember something if you write it down. Jot down some things of importance to you and save the list to reference later. Seeing the items in print (or cursive) may even trigger feelings of how you felt when you transcribed them!

How do you celebrate National Handwriting Day? Do you have suggestions you’d like to share? Send us your ideas via Facebook or Twitter!

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