Zaner-Bloser Inspiring aha Moments

Zaner-Bloser: A Highlights Company

As a member of the Highlights Family of Companies, we believe children are the most important people, and we strive to embody a view of humanity that encourages diversity, inclusivity, and respect.

Our Mission

Our materials reflect our commitment to creating learning environments that appreciate differences, embrace individuality, and celebrate personal and shared achievement.

We help Children become their best selves by providing solutions that target foundational skills development and foster joyful, successful learning.

Our Values

Along with our colleagues at Highlights, we believe children are the world’s most important people. We also share these core values.

We commit to the persuit of excellence

EXCELLENCE: Guided by our noble purpose, we apply high standards to the products and experiences we create, to the work itself, and to all our business interactions.

We implement new ideas and enable continous improvment

CREATIVITY: We embrace the idea of living and working in possibilities—cultivating curiosity, imagination, and courage to perceive the world in unexpected ways.

We assume good intentions

TEAMWORK: We achieve shared success by working cohesively, respecting and combining the individual strengths of our employees, partners, and customers to further our common goal.

We believe that the high road is the best road

INTEGRITY: We stand by who we are: honest, authentic, conscientious, and ethical. Individually and together, we always try to do the right thing.