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More than Just a Handwriting Company

People have been writing to communicate since ancient Sumerian times. Zaner-Bloser isn't quite that old, but our company's long history and distinguished legacy make us unique in the business, and they're something we're proud of.

A lot has changed since our company was originally founded in 1888 by Charles Paxton Zaner of Columbus, Ohio, with his business partner, Elmer Ward Bloser. Back then, penmanship wasn't just a skill—it was a profession, and Charles Zaner's College of Penmanship was where you went to learn it.

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Unlike other schools of penmanship, though, Zaner-Bloser didn't just teach how to write beautiful-looking letters. The school also taught academics as well, so graduating students were skilled penmen and good writers. Over the course of a century, Zaner-Bloser's programs for teaching handwriting have become the definitive methods used by generations of American children, and Zaner-Bloser has outlasted its competitors with proven, time-tested techniques.

During that time, we've added other language arts curricula to our roster of effective and engaging research-based products, including Word Wisdom, Spelling Connections, and the most recent addition to our product family, Superkids. With a focus on foundational skills and explicit instruction, we bring to each new product the same care and dedication to excellence that Charles Zaner started with over 100 years ago.

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From Slates to iPads®

When Zaner-Bloser was founded, children practiced handwriting with sticks of chalk on slates. Now, our games and online resources can be accessed on an iPad or other mobile device from almost anywhere, with engaging materials right at students' fingertips.

In the 21st century, Zaner-Bloser is now a part of the Highlights family of companies and continues to create state-of-the-art resources for the grandchildren—and great-grandchildren—of those first penmanship students. With 125 years of experience teaching children language arts, we've become experts in growing our materials to not only keep current with the latest in scholarship and technology, but also to set the pace for our competitors.

At Zaner-Bloser, we've never stopped looking for ways to do things better for educators and for students. Using new digital technologies and evolving research, we’re dedicated to building on our legacy of commitment to meeting the needs of schools, now and in the century to come.