Dear Educators, Partners, and Friends:

Headshot of Lisa CarmonaIn elementary school, students start on a path to literacy that will shape their lives. Literacy is grounded in a set of complementary skills—reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and more—that empower us to do amazing things! Today’s teachers have the challenging and rewarding opportunity to guide students on that literacy journey.

To inspire young learners to literacy success, teachers bring passion, dedication, and skill to their daily decisions and interactions. The right instructional resources can help teachers save time and spark creativity.

At Zaner-Bloser, we share a common purpose and a passion for learning. We are proud to provide research-based, classroom-proven literacy solutions that target foundational skills development.

Our mission to help children become their best selves is fully integrated in everything we do.

  • Our programs are designed to maximize students’ investment with crosscurricular learning, opportunities for practice, and real-world relevance.

  • Our approach to instruction is flexible, relevant, and practical so teachers can focus their time and energy on what is most important.

  • Our expert professional development team partners with school leaders to ensure smooth implementation.

  • We think deeply about how curriculum can support learners at each stage of their literacy development.

Let’s work together to help students be creative, curious, caring, and confident. Please tell your story of literacy success, ask a question, or share your ideas! I invite you to use the hashtag #WeAreLiteracy as we continue to build a conversation around our shared commitment to helping children become empowered, literate communicators.

Lisa Carmona
President, Zaner-Bloser