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The “aha” moment.

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Ask any elementary teacher and you can bet they’ll fondly recall a time they helped a student experience an “aha” moment. They might even recall details about what that sudden understanding meant to that student! “Aha” moments are the breakthroughs in learning—where it all just clicks—that excite, embolden, and inspire students to continue down the path of discovery. They’re the reason many educators begin teaching, and why they return to the classroom year after year.

These moments are what drive my colleagues at Zaner-Bloser to be so passionate about their careers and why we return to our desks day after day. Together we’re dedicated to creating learning solutions that encourage “aha” moments to thrive, supporting educators with materials that facilitate empowering, effective, and happy learning experiences for students.

As your classrooms and communities continue to evolve, we’re changing alongside you. We’re listening to teachers like you so we can deliver dynamic resources across and within new disciplines to help you promote learning in and outside the classroom. While our portfolio expands, we remain committed to teaching the foundational skills that encourage all students to be joyful, confident, curious learners and thinkers—as well as empathetic friends, classmates, and citizens.

To teachers, administrators, volunteers, friends, and families: Thank you for all you do to encourage and celebrate the joy of learning! We are proud to support you in your ongoing efforts to establish inclusive, creative, and fun places to learn. And we look forward to helping you inspire more “aha” moments for years to come.

Lisa Carmona

President, Zaner-Bloser
Highlights Education Group

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