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More “Aha” Moments

At Zaner-Bloser, we create tools for educators that help elementary students become more joyful, creative learners and communicators.

We support teachers’ efforts to inspire “aha” moments—moments of discovery, accomplishment, pride, surprise, delight—that reward students and help them realize the power of learning.

“Aha” moments are empowering, enlightening, and self-reinforcing! We design our resources to not only help educators inspire their development, but also to deliver and recognize these markers of growth.

Inspire, Deliver, Celebrate

Inspire More “Aha” Moments

We strive to create resources that cultivate joy and a love of learning. Our programs invite students to envision and explore a world that’s diverse, inclusive, and joyful—just like them. And we make these resources accessible for both teachers and students.

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Deliver More “Aha” Moments

We believe that a creative mindset is the best way to not only grasp a concept, but also to apply it effectively.

Zaner-Bloser materials help teachers make their literacy and math classrooms more fun, more engaging, and more creative, so they can deliver learning opportunities that are actionable and practical.

Students develop foundational reading, writing, and math skills that they can apply across disciplines and in many contexts—not just on tests.

At the same time, educators can see measurable, tangible results from curricula and resources that actively engage students.

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Celebrate More “Aha” Moments

“Aha” moments can’t be gifted—they’re personal and come from within. But when they occur, they should be recognized, reinforced, and celebrated!

We help teachers create learning experiences—including supportive classroom communities, meaningful relationships, and safe spaces for conversation, sharing, and growth—that cultivate and celebrate “aha” moments.

Many Zaner-Bloser programs actively encourage engagement and include opportunities to reflect and share what students are learning and feeling.

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Building Community & Confidence … In Every Context

Our portfolio of PreK–6 resources helps students build the critical foundational skills they need for success in school. Used independently or together, Zaner-Bloser materials help educators build community and confidence in any context, creating the conditions for moments of discovery and understanding to thrive. From the first “aha” moments to practicing for skill mastery, students become fluent, motivated by their own progress, and engaged in learning together.


“Aha” moments aren’t just for students. Teachers, peer groups, classrooms, even entire schools and districts can benefit from the shared power of “aha”—especially when it comes to building community!

At Zaner-Bloser, we understand how important a common purpose is for success—it’s why we’re so passionate about our company mission and values. Our materials provide opportunities for collaboration at the classroom, educator, and school level. Resources span multiple grade levels to encourage growth year over year and to help learning communities build that sense of shared purpose and common goals.


It’s imperative educators feel empowered when using our materials, so we strive to help teachers connect to both the spirit and science behind the pedagogy.

Whether it’s hearing questions from peers across the country or watching a recording in a group setting, resources like our on-demand webinars inform teachers about our programs while fostering a sense of community around their implementation.

On-Demand Webinars
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We envision learning environments where students can recognize themselves and their experiences while embracing their identities as members of a joyful classroom community. When students feel seen and heard, they open themselves up to new opportunities—planting the seeds for more “aha” moments!

Whether it’s recognizing a kindred spirit among the Superkids characters or learning how to be a more empathetic classmate through social-emotional learning (SEL) resources, Zaner-Bloser materials are designed to foster strong interpersonal connections and even stronger learning communities.

Social-Emotional Learning
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“Aha” moments thrive in settings where curiosity, patience, and encouragement are welcome. Confidence is also key!


For teachers, confidence springs from knowing they are using their classroom materials to the best of their abilities and that they can focus on what really matters—reaching students.

Zaner-Bloser programs are designed to support new and experienced teachers every step of the way, with on-demand implementation training, embedded professional development, and point-of-use tips and tutorials.

PD Opportunities
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Our materials help teachers create learning environments that allow students to deepen their skills development over time. We provide opportunities for students to take ownership for their growth, delight in their progress, and build confidence as communicators and creative thinkers.

Our hallmark Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest invites students to demonstrate their manuscript and cursive abilities and celebrate their achievements.

Contest = Confidence
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In Every Context

Where does learning happen? Anywhere there’s a supported teacher, flexible, accessible materials, and a willing student! Zaner-Bloser resources are designed to inspire “aha” moments in any context: during class, after school, in extended learning environments—online or hands-on.

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From lead teacher to first time instructor, every educator should find our resources accessible, intuitive, and flexible.

Zaner-Bloser materials support teachers, tutors, and volunteers as they reach toward sustainable personal and professional growth in any learning environment or configuration.

Extended Learning
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Regardless of the context—traditional classroom, after school, during individual work time, or a share and reflect moment—our resources provide opportunities for discovery, self-assessment, and self-awareness.

Zaner-Bloser materials invite educators to introduce opportunities for both hands-on and online learning to encourage student growth, fuel inspiration, and encourage more “aha” moments.

Online & Hands-On
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