We Are Literacy

At Zaner-Bloser, we understand that to be literate is to be proficient in reading and writing…plus spelling, vocabulary, word choice, and more. True literacy is grounded in a set of complementary skills that empower us to do amazing things!

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Alongside educators, communities, and schools, we are providing instruction that builds comprehensive literacy skills through thinking and active participation over rote learning or memorization.

We are working to ensure that today’s students are empowered with the skills to become tomorrow’s informed communicators, citizens, and leaders, while setting the stage for joyful, successful learning in every classroom.


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Research Based for Proven Success

When it comes to your students’ learning, you want the most current resources based on the latest scientific evidence. You want the classroom to be a place of innovation and discovery. When you choose Zaner-Bloser you can be sure that you’re getting materials that are not only engaging but also research based and proven to lead to success.

K–2 Core Reading

How many programs can promise proficient readers by grade 3? The Superkids Reading Program uses Systematic, Explicit Instruction; Decodable Text; Integration; and Motivation to ensure students develop the linguistic understanding required to develop into fully literate individuals.

Learn more about The Superkids Reading Program, The Superkids Foundational Skills Kits, and The Superkids Reading Resources.

The Superkids text books

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Standalone Supplemental Support

Zaner-Bloser offers a rich library of elementary literacy resources, from handwriting readiness, manuscript (printing), and cursive to grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and supplemental writing. Our supplemental literacy programs are designed to help students master fundamental literacy skills while making instruction manageable for teachers. Most programs can be incorporated into any existing literacy block in just 15 minutes per day!

Choose your discipline area to learn about our outstanding supplemental English language and literacy programs.

PreK–8 Handwriting
K–8 Spelling
K–2 Vocabulary
3–6 Vocabulary
2–6 Close Reading and Writing
2–5 Grammar

Trusted Professional Development Provider

When you adopt Zaner-Bloser programs, you can be confident you’re choosing proven instruction that supports teachers and educates children at a price that is not prohibitive. You can also take comfort in knowing our Professional Development experts will partner with school leaders to ensure program implementation goes smoothly. Everyone is guaranteed the best return on their investment—of time, effort, and money.

Learn about our Professional Development courses for program- and discipline-specific growth.

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