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Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics at a Glance

Lessons are built on real-world content from across the curriculum. The relatable anecdotes and nonfiction stories capture students’ interest at the onset of each lesson and maintain it while students complete a series of focused exercises. Whether they go hands-on, online, or a combination of the two, students build a strong foundation in grammar!

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Hands-on Learning

Student Editions engage learners with full-color designs and eye-catching photos.

  • Systematic, self-guided instruction and practice establish clear expectations.
  • Grammar Rules! features clearly call out the purpose of the lesson.
  • Convenient perforated pages help with assigning homework and grading.
  • A comprehensive Handbook at the back of each Student Edition is a quick reference for all conventions and rules.
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Online Learning

MyZBPortal.com provides a student-driven, online learning experience.

  • Colorful characters lead students through grammar video lessons and daily quests.
  • Quests are motivating to-do lists that consist of videos, writing activities, and scored games.
  • Students earn stars for their progress—rewards can be redeemed for stickers to customize their characters.
  • Progress is both communicated to the student in real time and sent to the teacher.
  • MyZBPortal.com access is web-based—students can hop online at school, at home, or on the go.

Clear, Consistent Lesson Structure

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics balances comprehensive skill introduction with multiple opportunities for practice and reinforcement for maximum grammar mastery.

Hands-on Learning

Print Student Editions follow a consistent five-step model.

  • Grammar Rules!
    Explains key skill information in clear, concise language.
  • Practice
    Provides skills work in the context of high-interest nonfiction.
  • Apply
    Presents an opportunity to demonstrate skill knowledge.
  • Try It!
    Provides an example of the skill in context for students to read and analyze.
  • Reinforce
    Boosts learning through writing, puzzles, and other fun activities.
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Online Learning

MyZBPortal.com offers a similarly structured approach with an interface that is better suited to online use.

  • Animated videos introduce the concepts in the Grammar Rules! feature, followed by content from the Practice exercises.
  • Games are based on additional content from the Student Edition Practice, Apply, and Extra Practice sections.
  • Writing activities feature prompts from the Reinforce sections.
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Flexible Instruction Supports Busy Teachers

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics gives teachers flexibility to spend up to 15 minutes (or fewer than 5 minutes) on direct grammar instruction.

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Hands-on Instruction

Teacher Editions feature talking points and guidance for each lesson, plus tips for differentiating instruction.

  • Teaching the Lesson suggestions encourage students to practice building on others’ ideas and expressing their own ideas clearly.
  • English Learners activities provide scaffolding and guidance for introducing topics that may be unfamiliar to non-native speakers.
  • Additional resources include grades 2–5 scope and sequence, list of topics by unit, and a complete Student Edition with answer key for quick reference.
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Online Instruction

MyZBPortal.com balances opportunities for teacher-directed versus student-guided online instruction.

  • Topics in the online Table of Contents parallel the print Student Edition for easy cross reference.
  • Quests can be auto generated or custom designed.
  • Grammar Rules! videos are projectable for full-class lessons on demand.
  • Online game results are automatically reported to the teacher.

Grammar Skills Assessment That Reviews and Reinforces

The assessment options in Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics prepare students for high-stakes tests by instilling excellent written communication skills and a strong command of grammar.

Use both print and online resources to provide:

  • Diagnostic Assessments
  • Formative Assessments
  • Summative Assessments
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Plentiful Practice Opportunities

With Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics, students are never at a loss to find additional practice opportunities in print or online.

  • Proofreading and Spelling Practice sections provide four additional pages to review the grammar rules in the context of these key grammar skills.
  • Students are presented with the same concepts online but use different actions to answer.
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