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Five Steps to Mastery

Each Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics lesson in grades 2–8 provides explicit instruction in a skill using five easy-to-follow steps for not just mastery, but also retention of that skill.

  • Step 1 – Provides an example of the skill in context for students to read and analyze
  • Step 2 – Explains key skill information in clear, concise language
  • Step 3 – Provides practice in the context of high-interest, informational text topics
  • Step 4 – Gives students an opportunity to apply skill knowledge
  • Step 5 – Reinforces learning through writing, puzzles, and other fun activities

Graphic of cumulative skills progression

Cumulative Skill-Building from Grade to Grade

Students retain skills better when they have opportunities to practice. Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics keeps practice interesting by reinforcing skills learned in previous grades, but with greater complexity and in more challenging texts each time to match students’ growing abilities. By the time they reach 8th grade, they’ve thoroughly reinforced all of the skills they’ve learned along the way.