Practice Makes Powerful Writing

It is essential for students to master the conventions of standard English to be prepared for high-stakes assessments, college, and careers. Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics covers everything students need to know to write for success. It’s a supplemental program that engages them in learning and reinforcing skills with increasing difficulty as they advance through grades 2–8.

Versatile Materials, Maximum Flexibility

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics features self-contained student and teacher editions full of key skills practice, high-interest topics, tests, and extra activities that are easy to teach and designed to be taught in any order. The materials are designed to provide high-impact, self-guided instruction with clear, concise two-page lessons that last about 15 minutes a day.

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Flexible, Cumulative Instruction to Fit Any Curriculum

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics is designed for ultimate flexibility, with quick, two-page lessons that can be used to supplement any language arts curriculum. With its simple format and lessons that can be used in any order, Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics makes it easy to fit key skills information and practice into your day!

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Correlated to the Standards

To meet today’s language arts standards, students need to demonstrate command of grammar and usage in written and spoken English, as well as capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. It’s a tall order, but Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics contains all the instruction you need to teach these vital skills.

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