Free Holiday Postcards

We’ve designed holiday- and event-themed postcard masters that you can download and print to share with your students. The black and white cards are perfect for coloring (fine-motor skills practice!), and there’s room on the back to write a note. Whether it’s a thank you to their favorite teacher or an opportunity to share a thought with a peer, it’s never too early to introduce your students to the power of a handwritten, heartfelt message.

Holiday Post Cards

For Winter Holidays Postcards


At-Home Learning

Free Handwriting Resources! Downloadable PDFs provide practice writing legibly in handwriting or cursive.

  • Practice Packs introduce basic strokes, outline letter formation, and provide extra practice.
  • Paper Template pages include grade-level-specific ruled lines so students can learn where to begin and end letters.
  • Grade K resources help students learn and form letters. Maze and Hidden Words exercises develop eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

FREE Handwriting Resources. Kindergarten, Manuscript, Cursive

Hands-on Learning

Looking to learn and have fun at the same time? Try these free resources for hands-on engagement in your classroom! We’ll be adding new items from time to time, so be sure to check back for more activities to share with your students.

Fun with Handwriting

Free activities increase letter familiarity and encourage good handwriting techniques. Great for home and/or school! Simply click the thumbnail to open and download.

Activity Name
Activity Description

Actvity A:
Which Hand?
Fun with Handwriting Activity A, which hand? Grades K-2
Right or left? Fun activities help you determine dominant hand for young writers.
Activity B:
Writing Buddies
Fun with Handwriting Activity B, Writing Buddies? Grades K-2, 3-5
Pair older kids with younger students to instill a love of writing, reading, and storytelling.
Activity C:
Match It
Fun with Handwriting Activity C, Match It? Grades K-2
Help young learners recognize manuscript letters. Easy to make, fun to play!