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Handwriting is a fundamental skill for building literacy in any language. Legibility and fluency are key to success regardless of letter shape or accent! But there are additional things to consider when instructing English language learners how to write in manuscript and cursive.

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Download an article with tips for teachers from Zaner-Bloser La escritura contributing authors and ELL experts Ellen Riojas Clark, PhD, and Patricia Sánchez, PhD.

Handwriting Instruction and English Language Learners

Parallel Instruction

The Zaner-Bloser La escritura Student Edition is a direct translation of the English edition with supplemental lessons to cover the additional Spanish letters.

Accessible Content

Easy to understand language and modeling with fewer, more specific letter formation descriptions make instruction accessible for all students. The same terms are used across grade levels, so there is no need to relearn terms each year.

Students don't need to have a rich reading vocabulary to master writing!

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Basic Strokes

Zaner-Bloser La escritura uses continuous-stroke vertical manuscript and the eight basic stroke descriptions that are the foundation of all letters for both manuscript and cursive—the same approach that has proved effective with Zaner-Bloser Handwriting for generations.

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Consistent Practice

Zaner-Bloser La escritura features opportunities not only for students to practice their letters, but also to apply their handwriting knowledge to composing original works and reading primary sources in the student worktext. Students learn first-hand—and hands-on—how relevant their learning is to real-world use.

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