Building Fact Fluency

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Build Fact Fluency Through Real-World Contexts and Purposeful Practice

Building Fact Fluency toolkits (Addition & Subtraction and Multiplication & Division) help students develop deep conceptual understanding of the operations and fact fluency at the same time.

Research-based and standards-aligned, each toolkit invites students to think strategically about mathematics through multiple, rich, real-world contexts.

These accessible contexts allow students to

  • see how number facts connect to a wide variety of mathematical situations
  • explore the properties of the operations
  • build a foundation of strategies they can draw from efficiently and with confidence.

Who Building Fact Fluency Is For

Each Building Fact Fluency toolkit is an ideal supplement to any curriculum or for any situation where students need additional fact fluency practice and review.

K–5+ Classrooms
Multilingual Learners
Special Education
After School, Summer
School, and Tutoring

Watch a Quick Video Introduction

Program authors Graham Fletcher and Tracy Johnston Zager introduce the inspiration behind the creation of the Building Fact Fluency toolkits and share the importance of engaging all students through real-world contexts.

Program authors introduce Building Fact Fluency.

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Building Fact Fluency teachers are members of a robust Facebook Community of educators who are passionate about math education. Members support each other with tips on implementation and getting the most out of the kit and online resources. Anyone looking to connect with peers on how to deepen students’ mathematical understanding through meaningful instruction is welcome to join!

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