Kickstart Number Sense

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Small Group Math Intervention to Build Confidence & Skills

Partner talk and hands-on activities are critical elements of the Kickstart program. Students need to talk and hear others talk about numbers as much as possible to gain confidence, recognize relationships between numbers, and develop flexibility in using them.


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Kickstart intervention program is divided into three stages. Stage A, Stage B, and Stage C provide the intervention needed to access the core math curriculum for kindergarten, grade 1, and grade 2 respectively.

There are two ways to place students in Kickstart. Teachers can refer to a chart and place students based on demonstrated knowledge and struggles or administer a brief placement test.

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Available as an add-on, Kickstart: Early Number and Counting provides 30 days of intensive support for kindergarten students struggling to access Stage A content. These lessons are available in a printed Teacher Guide or digitally as a one-year add-on to a license.

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Each 20-minute lesson consists of three or more activities to provide variety and increase engagement. Lessons engage students physically as well as mentally, using original songs, games, and hands-on manipulatives such as counting cubes, rekenreks, DecaDeck cards, and a giant number line.

The materials needed for each lesson, how to use them, what to talk about, and how to move from one activity to the next are all spelled out in the Teacher Guide.

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Assessment and Progress Monitoring

Each Kickstart stage covers 12–15 skills, and progress monitoring forms help teachers track students’ progress through the stage. Samples are provided to help teachers envision how they might use progress monitoring templates.

Progress monitoring forms and an assessment test help teachers measure understanding of key skills and identify students that are ready for the grade-level math curriculum.

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Kickstart's Complete Intervention Kit includes two renewable one-year licenses for, a convenient way to access digital copies of all printed materials in the program. You can view instructional materials without having the physical publications near you, project lesson materials such as activity cards and song videos to share with students, view professional development videos, and watch lesson demonstration videos.

Kickstart Number Sense

Give Struggling Students’ Number Sense Journey a Kickstart!

Help struggling students develop the confidence and understanding to talk and think about numbers flexibly and fluently.

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