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Number Sense Math Intervention for Grades K-2

When students struggle with their grade-level math curriculum, it’s often because their grasp of number sense is less developed than the core curriculum assumes. With Kickstart: Number Sense, any adult can lead a small-group intervention that helps struggling students talk comfortably about numbers and develop foundational number sense skills in just 60 days!


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Fun and Effective Hands-on Learning in Math

Using Kickstart’s Complete Intervention Kit, small groups of 2–6 students come together to sing original songs, jump on a giant number line, play games, engage with hands-on manipulatives, and share their thinking aloud. A plush friend named Cota Kangaroo even accompanies students on their number sense journey.

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Classroom Tested and Ready-To-Use

Kickstart fits real classrooms because it’s:

  • Efficient. Brief 20-minute lessons fit flexibly into schedules. Students in grades 1–2 can complete two grade levels of intervention in a single year if needed.
  • Convenient. Ready-to-use kits include all the materials for 2–6 students plus explicit teaching support. Lessons require little to no prep time.
  • Effective. Assessments help place students in the program, monitor their progress, and signal when they’re ready for the core curriculum. Progress monitoring tools track data necessary for essential decision-making.

Any Adult Can Lead

Any classroom teacher, Title I teacher, interventionist, instructional assistant, staff, or volunteer can effectively lead students through Kickstart with little preparation time. The materials needed, how to use them, what to talk about, and how to move from one activity to the next are all spelled out in the Teacher Guides. Explicit teaching support is included in the Teacher Guides and available on as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Kickstart Number Sense

Give Struggling Students’ Number Sense Journey a Kickstart!

Help struggling students develop the confidence and understanding to talk and think about numbers flexibly and fluently.

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