Kickstart Number Sense

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Research-Based Number Sense Intervention

Kickstart is grounded in general research behind number sense and supported by more specific research related to the developmental progression of instruction. Kickstart moves from concrete to abstract thinking about numbers, with multimodal activities to reinforce conceptual understanding and a spiral approach that builds on skills and underlying concepts over time.

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How Students Learn

Developed by a K–2 Teacher!

Jen Hunt developed Kickstart in response to needs she saw while working with teachers in over 100 school districts throughout the Northwest. Before becoming a consultant and author, Jen was a classroom teacher in grades K–2. She uses her degrees in education and psychology to approach teaching through the lens of child development, brain research, and best practice. She specializes in small-group math instruction, number sense, primary interventions, maximizing management for efficiency, and reflective practice.

Students using Kickstart
Kickstart Number Sense

Give Struggling Students’ Number Sense Journey a Kickstart!

Help struggling students develop the confidence and understanding to talk and think about numbers flexibly and fluently.

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