Kickstart Number Sense Kickstart Number Sense

Available February 2023

Number Sense Intervention for Grades K–2

Many students in grades K–2 struggle to understand their grade-level math curriculum because they haven’t acquired the number sense that it’s built upon. Kickstart: Number Sense addresses this gap, helping struggling students develop foundational number sense skills in just 60 days!

Kickstart Number Sense Full Kit

Together in small groups, students sing original songs, jump on a giant number line, play games, engage with hands-on materials, and discover how to talk comfortably about numbers.

Flexible To Fit Any Context

Three stages of instruction allow students to enter Kickstart at the appropriate stage and exit when they are ready for grade-level material. Research-based and classroom-tested, Kickstart fits with any core math curriculum, math workshop, or small-group intervention plan.

Easy to Implement

Any classroom teacher, Title 1 teacher, interventionist, instructional assistant, or volunteer can effectively lead students through Kickstart with little preparation time. Explicit teaching support is tucked into lessons in each Teacher Guide and also available at

Available in English or Spanish, Kickstart features:

  • 20 minutes of activities per day
  • 60 sequential lessons per stage
  • Materials for groups of 2–6 students
  • Partner talk and hands-on learning
  • Assessments for placement and progress monitoring

Kickstart Testimonial Kickstart Testimonial