Download to Get Started

Everything you need to enter is available here. Be sure to download all components.
Watch Three Steps for Success for tips on making the most of your handwriting contest experience!

Rules & Awards includes a letter of introduction, judging criteria, and award details for both the general contest and for the Nicholas Maxim Award for Children with Special Needs.
How to Enter includes step-by-step directions for entering by mail and online. Please read carefully when you’re ready to submit!
School Information Form must be completed and included with all entries. Fields are editable for your convenience.
Entry Forms are broken out by grade range for ease of distribution. Keys to Legibility are noted on the second page of each form for student reference.
Nicholas Maxim Manuscript and Cursive Forms are for students with special needs. Please note the category-specific directions for entry in the Rules & Awards PDF.

Two Ways to Enter

Drawing of envelope

By Mail

Mail printed forms as a
complete packet.

Drawing of envelope


Upload digitized entries as
PDF or zipped file.
Upload Entries Now

See the How to Enter PDF for step-by-step directions. Reminder: Contest entries must be uploaded or postmarked by February 14, 2023, to be eligible to win!

Additional Resources

Family Letter: Build excitement around the challenge! Download this letter and e-mail, post, or send home with students so their families know they will be participating!

Family Letter

Certificate of Participation: Make it official! Download a certificate (black & white or color) to personalize for each student. Use editable fields or print and fill out. It’s a great way to recognize students’ hard work and provide a sense of shared experience.