Strategies for Writers

Teach the Six Traits Every Writer Needs

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Solid Skills for Lasting Success

Effective writing skills are more essential than ever for students to succeed on state assessments, in college, and beyond. The ability to communicate complex ideas, understand texts, and adapt writing skills to the ever-changing demands of an increasingly digital world are tools today's students can’t do without.

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Strategies for Writers

A Fresh Approach, Based on Research

Strategies for Writers is a comprehensive K–8 program built around teaching the traits of effective writing. It's a powerful, research-based tool that meets the need for increased rigor in writing instruction. Read more to find out how the program prepares students for writing success.

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Flexible Materials for a Perfect Fit

Strategies for Writers materials are available in multiple formats, so the program can be tailored to your classroom's needs—all print, all digital, or a blend of the two. Materials for K–1 focus on prewriting and drafting; materials for grades 2–8 focus on producing finished texts in multiple genres. All grades include these components:

  • Annotated writing models
  • Flexible lesson prompts
  • Focused mini-lessons
  • Interactive resources
  • Integrated grammar, usage, and mechanics instruction

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Strategies for Writers

Teaching the Six Traits of Effective Writing

The qualities of good writing are universal across genres and audiences. Strategies for Writers works by explicitly teaching and developing these six writing traits:

  • Ideas
  • Organization
  • Voice
  • Word choice
  • Sentence fluency
  • Conventions

Students learn to apply these traits to a variety of writing genres and to assessment writing in each of the three text types. Strategies for Writers develops skills beyond completing set assignments and shapes students into dynamic, engaging writers.

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Strategies for Writers

Proven to Build Better Writers

You don't have to just take our word for it. Test results show that Strategies for Writers has been proven effective in the classroom, with students making significant gains in writing scores after only a year with the program. Read about our results and see the evidence that Strategies for Writers really works.

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Strategies for Writers

Strategies for Writers

Strategies for Implementing Standards

Rigorous state standards for writing combined with the demands of next-generation writing assessments create a challenge for educators and students alike. Take a look at our correlations and find out more about how Strategies for Writers aligns with standards.

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