A Closer Look at a Lesson

Teacher Edition

In grades K–6, lessons in the Teacher Edition follow a clear, three-step plan—Model, Practice, Evaluate.

Teachers can differentiate instruction using a variety of targeted activities:

  • Support for English Language Learners activities for students at varying levels of language acquisition
  • Tips from an Occupational Therapist activities to develop gross- and fine-motor skills
  • Handwriting Coach activities for kinesthetic, auditory, and visual reinforcement

Student Edition

The Student Edition guides students through a proven, step-by-step process for learning legible handwriting.

  • Letter models with arrows clearly show stroke sequence.
  • Stroke descriptions are described in academic language all students can easily understand and remember.
  • Students practice writing on grade-appropriate guidelines directly beneath models that both left- and right-handed students can easily see.
  • Students self-evaluate their handwriting using the Keys to Legibility—a simple rubric for evaluating the shape, size, spacing, and slant of handwriting.
  • Students scan Handwriting Tutor QR codes with a mobile device to view animated letter models and how-to videos.