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Implementation Services

Adopting a comprehensive literacy curriculum such as The Superkids Reading Program is an important and long-term commitment. Superkids schools find that success begins with the following on-site implementation services to increase understanding of program materials and instructional methodology.

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Implementation Training*

An in-person or webinar implementation training is provided for each grade level. Participants engage in lessons and learn the effective, evidence-based instructional strategies of the program. Teachers and support personnel leave prepared to implement Superkids and use all program materials.

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Coaching Visits*

Coaching visits provide one-on-one support for each teacher. The classroom visit can include lesson feedback as well as discussion on topics chosen by the teacher—focusing on best practices for maximum results. During the day or after school, the coach may meet with administrators, support staff, and groups of teachers. Each day of on-site coaching accommodates up to three teachers.

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Administrator Training*

This session or webinar provides an overview of the entire Superkids K–2 program, equipping administrators with an understanding of the research basis of Superkids and best classroom practices.

*These services may be complimentary during the first year of a K–2 adoption. Some restrictions apply.

Already have this program? Watch an on-demand implementation video for your grade level.

Address Learning Gaps

Partner with our Superkids professional learning team to develop a customized plan—based on student data—to address specific learning gaps in your school or district. Our Address Learning Gaps Professional Development Package for Superkids Schools includes an instructional planning session, ongoing strategic coaching, progress monitoring and data review meetings, and guidance to determine next steps for continued success. Download the flyer for details.

Take Your Adoption to the Next Level With Enrichment Services

After initial training, the following professional development enrichment services will strengthen the impact of your Superkids implementation and maximize your success over time.

On-Site Coaching Visits

Coaching visits provide one-on-one support for teachers. It is highly beneficial to provide additional visits for teachers in the first year of implementation as well as subsequent years of the adoption of Superkids. Each day of on-site coaching accommodates up to three teachers.

Grade-Level Meetings

Superkids teachers gather with a knowledgeable Superkids coach to share successes and address areas of need (e.g., Daily Routines, planning, or pacing) in order to strengthen classroom practices across a grade level.

Comprehensive Teacher Portal Training

During this hands-on session, participants enhance their Superkids instruction by sharpening their use of online tools and resources in the Teacher Portal.

Next Steps Training for Superkids Teachers

This session is designed to deepen the understanding of the Superkids program and practices, with emphasis on grouping students, teaching diagnostically, differentiated instruction, and classroom management. Participants will have multiple opportunities to apply and practice the learning during this interactive hands-on session.

Superkids Leaders Training

This training is designed to provide literacy leaders at the school and district level with a deeper knowledge and understanding of Superkids and effective ways to support their teachers in implementing the program to its fullest potential. This session is recommended after the first year of implementation.

Literacy Best Practices Seminars

These standards-based seminars are designed to deepen educators’ knowledge of specific literacy topics related to The Superkids Reading Program.

MOST REQUESTED! Traveling the Neural Superhighway: The Science of Primary Reading Instruction

Participants leave this session understanding how the neural pathways for reading are formed; what systematic, explicit instruction really means; and how to implement practical strategies for the research- and evidence-based principals of reading instruction.
Also appropriate for teachers of The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit

The Science of Reading and the Art of Teaching Superkids

In this series of seminars, educators discuss the “how” and “why” of evidence-based teaching practices for beginning reading as well as connections to the Superkids instructional path.

These seminars are provided through our partners, Consortium on Reading Excellence in Education (CORE) and The Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Tools. See below for more information.

High-Impact Comprehension Strategies

In this informative and hands-on session for K–2 teachers, attendees explore effective instructional techniques for developing students’ repertoire of comprehension strategies during all types of reading experiences.

Developing Young Superkids Writers

K–2 educators explore the connections between reading and writing as well as ways teachers can help students develop their alphabetic knowledge and use the writing process approach to produce opinion, informative, and narrative writing. Content can be grade- or grade-span-specific.

Thinking and Teaching Diagnostically: Differentiating Instruction for Success With All Beginning Readers

Session participants explore how to differentiate instruction based on the needs of students—providing a template for understanding the reading process, forming skills-based groups, and delivering effective instruction.

Meeting Individual Needs: Developing Tier 2 Lessons That Support Superkids Core Instruction

Through this hands-on session, teachers who provide intervention support services learn to create targeted Tier 2 lessons aligned to core Tier 1 instruction. Teachers explore program resources designed especially for targeted Tier 2 instruction and collaborate with peers in developing sample lesson plans for effective instruction.
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About Our Coaches

Superkids coaches are experienced, highly qualified educators and program experts with deep understanding of a range of literacy topics and primary reading best practices. Our knowledgeable and caring coaches become trusted partners in your success with the program.

In addition to providing one-on-one teacher support during on-site visits, coaches may meet with administrators, support staff, and groups of teachers to strengthen instructional support across the learning community.

Partner Organizations in Reading Professional Development

To deliver even more professional learning opportunities to our customers, Zaner-Bloser partners with these excellent organizations that provide research-based training:

Contact us for more information about these partnerships.