Daily Lessons and Intervention

Coming soon! The Superkids Phonemic Awareness curriculum provides 180 daily lessons for building the phonological and phonemic awareness skills students need to become successful readers. Lessons are fun and playful, take 10–12 minutes, and follow consistent routines.

For more intensive instruction and practice with small groups or individual students, the curriculum includes intervention activities for all grade-level skills and precursor skills. Progress monitoring and periodic assessment help teachers identify which students need this extra support.

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The Superkids Phonemic Awareness lesson books The Superkids Phonemic Awareness lesson books

The Superkids Difference

Superkids literacy solutions are recognized for their effectiveness. What makes The Superkids Phonemic Awareness curriculum distinctive?

Phonemic proficiency is critical for literacy development. Students hone their sensitivity to the sound structure of language, which prepares them to make connections between spoken and written language.

Explicit and Systematic
Using a gradual release of responsibility model, instruction builds from simple to complex and from large chunks, such as sentences and words, to phonemes.

Instruction is designed to spark curiosity and encourage experimentation with language. Playful hand motions and simple manipulatives support short, completely oral lessons.

The Superkids Phonemic Awareness will support any existing literacy program, including The Superkids Reading Program and The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit.

Preview Sample Lessons, Assessment, and Intervention

The Superkids Phonemic Awareness will be available to implement Fall 2021. Our sampler provides an advance look at daily lessons, intervention activities, and assessment materials from the curriculum.

Get Ready to Transform Students’
Reading Through Phonemic Proficiency

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