White Papers on Literacy Education Topics

Explore these research white papers on a variety of literacy topics important to elementary educators, from the science of reading to writing workshop.

The Science of Reading: Evidence for a New Era of Reading Instruction
With evidence-based instruction, nearly everyone can learn to read. We must rely on the vast body of research—the science of reading—to determine what to teach and how.
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Why Writing Workshops Work: Instilling a Sense of Community and Confidence in Young Writers
The structure of writing workshops offers a way to provide evidence-based writing instruction that helps students increase writing achievement and confidence.
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Building a Strong Foundation for Learning to Read
The road map for teaching children to read begins with the foundational skills: oral language, vocabulary, print concepts/letter knowledge, phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency.
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Building the Reading Brain
As studies from the fields of neuroscience and neuropsychology have accelerated, significant evidence has mounted underscoring the importance of reading basics for all students.
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Preventing Reading Failure: The Right Instruction at the Right Time
What steps can education leaders take to get ahead of reading failure? The answer lies in prevention.
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Creating Better Readers and Writers: The Importance of Direct, Systematic Spelling and Handwriting Instruction in Improving Academic Performance
An extensive and evolving body of research shows that direct and explicit spelling and handwriting instruction is required if all students are to master the mechanics of reading and writing. As these skills become automatic, students are freer to concentrate on the higher-level thinking and communication skills needed for success in school and life.
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