Zaner-Bloser Mindscapes Becoming Our Best Selves

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What is a Mindscape?

Mindscapes (mindset + landscapes) are mental destinations students explore and inhabit. Each Mindscape is visually represented by an element in nature and is designed to evoke a different impression or experience tied to SEL skills. Click through the carousel to take a brief tour of each Mindscape with authors Pam Allyn and Dr. Ernest Morrell.

Meet the Mindscapes

How Mindscapes Works

Mindscapes encourages experience-driven learning that helps students apply self-awareness to their academic learning process. Students not only find joy in uncovering “aha” moments of discovery, but also develop the ability to recognize frustration, disappointment, or stress that can sometimes inhibit their progress.

By adopting a “shared language” that extends from the classroom throughout the school day and into the home, students learn how to express their frustration (or concerns, or fear), along with the ability to readjust their mindset. By revisiting a familiar Mindscape or accessing a learned tactic, students are opening up themselves to “aha” moments of discovery.

Learn, Practice, and Reflect on Process

Mindscapes isn’t just a curriculum to be implemented in the classroom … it’s way of thinking designed to be integrated throughout the day!

Mindscapes focuses on establishing a learning process vs. internalizing specific content.

  • Learn a new strategy.
  • Practice how it can be applied for positive effect.
  • Reflect on how it relates to learning.

Connecting Academic Learning & SEL Core Competencies

The benefits of developing CASEL competencies and SEL subskills for academic learning are visible in any successful classroom. Research suggests students are more likely to open themselves up to learning—and developing foundational skills—when they feel confident, positive, and in control of their learning process and mindset.

What Do We Mean by Academic Learning?

The term “academic learning” encompasses the skills, vocabulary, concepts, and applications that are traditionally acquired through a school setting or curriculum.

What Are CASEL Competencies?

Each Mindscape focuses on two of the five SEL competencies (CASEL 5).

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making

Visit the Research page to learn more about CASEL and the CASEL 5.

Sharing the Learning Journey

Mindscapes employs a Self—Community—World continuum that inspires students not only to recognize their identity as learners, but also to realize how their daily participation impacts the school and home communities where they live—and thrive!

In addition to introducing a shared language, Mindscapes emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration for group and individual success. Teachers are invited to be a part of the journey, too! With the Teacher Journal, authors Allyn and Morrell have created a place for educators to be inspired as they learn alongside their students. It’s an opportunity to take much-needed time for reflection on personal strengths, goals, and progress.

Building the School-Home Connection

A strong school-home connection is essential for any successful SEL initiative. Mindscapes invites families to be a part of the learning journey, with opportunities to embrace the common language introduced in the curriculum at home. Consistent practice reinforces facility with language and concepts and builds students’ confidence.

Ready to get hands on? Follow the Action path to see Mindscapes at work!