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Introducing Mindscapes
A Unique Approach to Social-Emotional Learning

Mindscapes: Becoming Our Best Selves is a strengths-based curriculum that teaches students to gain awareness for “how it feels when they learn”—and how to make that learning process both joyful and empowering. Over time, students develop SEL competencies that they can apply to strengthen their academic skills.

What is a Mindscape?
Happy Children

SEL Grounded in Positivity

Mindscapes is grounded in positivity. The authors believe that when students experience “serious joy” during the learning process, it encourages self-awareness, empowerment, and empathy for others—leading to positive academic outcomes!

Happy Children

What is strengths-based SEL?

The “strengths-based” learning in Mindscapes encourages students to identify and embrace the things that they already know how to do well and build upon those abilities. It also helps students internalize how these skill sets can be applied to their own academic learning process through an optimistic, growth-oriented learning mindset.

Students are more likely to let down barriers and open themselves up to discovery in a safe space. With Mindscapes, they recognize their individual strengths and are encouraged to grow from there.

Becoming Our Best Selves

An emphasis on mutual respect, shared expectations, and a common understanding of what it means to be a good learner—and better classmate—creates a welcoming learning environment where serious joy leads to improved academic outcomes … and “aha” moments can thrive!

A Shared SEL Language > Common Purpose

Mindscapes introduces a common language across grades K–5 for students to express themselves with confidence and clarity. Students build a strong sense of self as individual learners and as part of the larger learning community.

A Vibrant Learning Community

In addition to individual awareness, Mindscapes helps students realize what it feels like to be a part of a larger learning community built on common purpose and respect for others.

With a shared language grounded in positivity and a consistent, scaffolded exploration of the same themes across grades K–5, the Mindscapes curriculum offers a unique opportunity to establish a vibrant school community that is successful, sustainable, and grounded in empathy.


The Mindscapes Self–Community–World continuum inspires students to think not only about their responsibilities to themselves as individual learners, but also their role in the classroom, and their potential to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Multilingual Approach

Mindscapes is available in convenient English and Bilingual Spanish classroom packages. Many Spanish resources, including Student Notebooks and Activity Card packs, are also available for individual purchase.

Visit the materials page to browse English and Bilingual Spanish package options and explore samples.

An Environment of Inclusivity

Mindscapes emphasizes the importance of empathy and inclusion at every level … but inclusion is not exclusive of the individual! In fact, it celebrates, acknowledges, and commands respect for what makes each student different.

Being aware of what makes you an individual allows you to recognize and celebrate that in others.

Inspiring Vision for SEL

Authors Pam Allyn and Dr. Ernest Morrell have decades of experience in literacy, SEL, and child development. With Mindscapes, they’ve applied their combined expertise, educational insights, and research to reveal the direct connection between SEL and positive academic outcomes!

Watch the brief video here to meet the authors and hear firsthand the inspiration behind the Mindscapes approach. Visit the Meet the Authors page to learn more.


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