Spelling Product Teacher Editions

Teacher Edition

In grades 1-8, the Teacher Edition of Spelling Connections features an easy-to-follow five-day plan for each unit. The planner includes a pacing guide for adapting to a three-day schedule, as well as a helpful list of print and digital materials used in the unit.

Teachers have many options to customize each lesson for differentiated instruction:

  • Extra practice for students ready to stretch their spelling skills
  • ELL Support activities to accelerate English language acquisition
  • Leveled lists for pre- and post-test differentiation

Spelling Product Student Editions

Student Edition

Every day of instruction takes a fresh angle on spelling, developing fluency through understanding, not repetition.

  • Day 1 – Connections to Thinking
  • Day 2 – Connections to Phonics and Vocabulary
  • Day 3 – Connections to Reading
  • Day 4 – Connections to Writing
  • Day 5 – Differentiated Assessment