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Teach Spelling with Hands-On, Minds-On Activities

This podcast series features ideas you can use today to help your students become more proficient spellers—in four episodes, each with a corresponding printable resource. Dr. J. Richard Gentry, nationally acclaimed literacy expert and author of Spelling Connections, provides helpful tips to implement in your classroom on these topics:

Better Spelling Means Better Reading

Research shows that spelling is a foundational skill for reading success. Literacy expert Dr. J. Richard Gentry has brought together the evidence to support this and to show how the learning techniques used in Spelling Connections are the most effective and meaningful way to teach spelling. Read “Current Research on Spelling Instruction,” Dr. Gentry’s summary of the scholarship demonstrating that a multi-strategy spelling program forges powerful connections to reading and writing.

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Spelling Instruction: A Small Investment with Lasting Results

Students need to master reading and writing skills to succeed in any subject—not just language arts. These findings are demonstrated in our white paper, Creating Better Readers and Writers: The Importance of Direct, Systematic Spelling and Handwriting Instruction in Improving Performance.

  • The knowledge of spelling depends on the same language abilities as reading, writing, and vocabulary development but is best taught as a stand-alone subject.
  • Spelling instruction increases the depth and complexity of students' writing with both increased vocabulary and engagement of higher-order thinking skills.
  • In a technology-driven world, spelling skills are more necessary than ever to communicate with precision and accuracy.

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