Student Shine

Teach All Texas Students to Shine

As educators, you witness the joy students experience printing their names for the first time or using patterns to spell new words. That combination of pride, accomplishment, and excitement is a feeling that every student should experience.

As part of the Highlights Family of Companies, Zaner-Bloser is dedicated to helping children become their best selves: Creative, Curious, Caring and Confident. We believe every day should be an opportunity to learn something new…and a chance to teach Texas students to shine.

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A Brief Note About Time

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting and Spelling Connections are designed to work within the existing structure of your classroom. Brief, direct instruction is reinforced with opportunities to practice and apply these key literacy-building skills throughout the day and across disciplines. Your students get the focused instruction they need without monopolizing their teachers’ time.

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Research—Not Reading—Based

Explicit instruction in handwriting and spelling supplements what students may—or may not—be getting from a reading-based program. Zaner-Bloser programs are grounded in research and proven effective for developing key literacy skills, including reading!

Explore the research detailing the crucial roles handwriting and spelling play in literacy development.

Your Texas Team

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Robert Downes
Sales Consultant – Supplemental
North and Central Texas


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Abby Eilermann
Account Manager – Supplemental


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