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I Read to Write book cover and tablet

Read, Think, and Write Across Content Areas

I Read to Write is a simple, flexible solution that helps students master the skills needed for close reading and responding to multiple sources on writing assessments.

With I Read to Write, students learn to

  • read closely to analyze text structures and acquire a deeper understanding of content.
  • cite text evidence as they respond to multiple sources in writing.
  • write across content areas: Science, Social Studies, and Math.
  • write within three text types: Narrative, Informative/Explanatory, and Opinion.
  • practice skills essential to success on writing assessments.

I Read to Write book cover and tablet

Materials picture
Materials picture

Flexible Program Materials for Targeted Instruction

Flexibility is key to the I Read to Write program! Units can be taught in any order, as concentrated test preparation or throughout the year within language arts and other content-area instruction.

The program materials include print Student Edition workbooks featuring colorful, magazine-style nonfiction articles.

The Teacher Edition (available in print or online) features annotated versions of the Student Edition pages plus

  • academic and domain-specific vocabulary.
  • support for teaching English learners.
  • differentiated instruction.
  • suggestions for in-class collaboration.
  • writing and assessment rubrics.

Online resources available on MyZBPortal.com include graphic organizers and text-type rubrics from the Teacher Edition plus vocabulary lists, flashcards, and more.

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MyZBPortal.com is the home for all Zaner-Bloser digital literacy solutions. The web-based portal allows students and teachers to access online resources from anywhere.

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