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Essential Skills and Strategies for Writing Assessments

Today's writing assessments ask students to be more sophisticated readers, thinkers, and writers.

To successfully respond to multiple sources on an essay test, students must be able to

  • read closely for main ideas and key details.
  • analyze text for deeper levels of meaning, the author's purpose, and text structure.
  • write for a specific audience and purpose, cite text evidence accurately, and synthesize information from the sources.

I Read to Write provides colorful, magazine-style nonfiction articles with focused instruction and practice in these assessment skills and strategies for grades 2–6.

I Read to Write Family Photo

Less than $6.00 per student

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I Read to Write

Flexible Program Materials for Targeted Instruction

The I Read to Write program is very flexible. Units can be taught in any order, as concentrated test preparation or throughout the year within language arts and other content-area instruction.

The program materials include three units in specific content areas—science, social studies, and math—and offer a Student Edition workbook and a print or eBook Teacher Edition.

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Teach Students to Write for Assessments Without Breaking a Sweat (or the Budget)

I Read to Write has a simple instructional plan—Read, Think, Write—so teachers can jump right into teaching writing assessment skills and strategies. No planning or extensive searches for grade-level-appropriate text sources required!

Each unit guides students to read, think, and write to two or three sources.

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See how I Read to Write saves time.

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Teacher-Blogger Reviews of I Read to Write

What else are teachers saying about I Read to Write? Read three unique perspectives from teachers who have reviewed the program on their blogs.

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“We're really working on close reading, finding evidence, and citing evidence in their writing. Boy, I Read to Write is perfect for all of that!"

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I Read To Write

Aligned to Standards and Key Instructional Shifts

Current English language arts standards require students to read more complex texts with academic language, to gather and use text evidence, and to build knowledge through content-rich nonfiction.

I Read to Write aligns to these key instructional shifts.

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