Introducing Jump Into Writing!

A new student-inspired, teacher-friendly curriculum that helps teachers apply the everyday skills they’ve already developed as classroom leaders toward establishing a writing workshop in their classrooms.

Jump Into Writing! supports teachers with

  • lessons that are easy to manage.
  • a logical sequence of routines.
  • a practical, accessible voice for real teachers.
  • carefully chosen mentor texts to inspire, instruct, and engage on multiple levels
  • embedded support that helps teachers grow as writers while they teach.

Regardless of their writing workshop experience, teachers can jump in without feeling like they’re getting in over their heads.

Numbers 1 through 5

STUDENTS are the focus. Apart from the minilesson, it’s all about the students—without writers there IS no workshop.

They’ll learn from real writers. Whether it’s modeling a move from a mentor text or reviewing an essay from a classmate, students get to see different ways to approach a writing piece.

Voice & Choice. Part of the writing process is deciding what topics they want to explore.

Talking is a must! Providing feedback and sharing thoughts are very important for developing writers.

They’ll be published. Every unit ends with a celebration to share the finished pieces with family, friends, and classmates.

Writing Workshop Resources
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Why Writing Workshop

Writing workshop operates on the premise that every student has a story to tell, an opinion to share, and a voice to be heard.

A workshop approach empowers students with the physical, emotional, and academic prowess to realize their potential as writers.

By establishing a writing workshop in your classroom, you’re preparing your students not only to be better communicators, but also better classmates.

Think about how many times a day you

  • Hold roundtable discussions
  • Find a “hook” to engage students’ attention
  • Use your powers of persuasion to influence behavior in the classroom
  • Establish routines and expectations
  • Ask your students to reflect on a milestone or job well done
  • Share a personal story with your class

These are ALL skills you already have that will help you succeed in writing workshop.

Mentor, Encourage, Persuade

Did you know the things your students do every day in class and at home are the very things they need to succeed as writers?

  • Sharing stories
  • Giving opinions
  • Making lists
  • Trying something new
  • Keeping a journal

Students just need to learn how to put these skills to work…and a writing workshop like Jump Into Writing! is just the place to do it.

Student writing on page.

Meet the Authors

Jump Into Writing! is inspired by co-authors Lynne Dorfman’s and Stacy Shubitz’s years of teaching and coaching experience in writing workshop classrooms.

Stacy Shubitz head shot

Stacey Shubitz

For the past fifteen years, Stacey has worked with writers and teachers of writers, inspiring them with the power of writing workshop. Stacey earned her MS Ed degree from Hunter College of the City University of New York and a master's degree in literacy from Teachers College at Columbia University.

She began her career in education teaching fifth grade at PS 171 in East Harlem, New York, and then fourth grade at The Learning Community, a public charter school in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Stacey now works as a literacy consultant and an adjunct professor.

Stacey specializes in mentor texts, conferring, and the routines of writing workshop. Her passion is helping teachers develop a writing identity. "When I was a classroom teacher, I wanted my students to live like writers. I realized my students needed to see my writing, hear my thinking about writing, and understand my struggles as a writer if I was going to have credibility when I conferred with them,” she says. Seeing as teachers are the living, breathing authors in the room, Stacey believes teachers must sit beside students, as writers, and talk about their writing process so young writers can understand why and how craft moves are made. “Some teachers I’ve worked with don’t think they’re good writers. They’re paralyzed with fear because somewhere along the way they were made to feel afraid of writing. One of my greatest joys is helping teachers overcome their discomfort with writing so they can positively impact the lives of the children they teach by becoming a mentor author for their students.”

Stacey has co-authored a number of professional development texts, including Welcome to Writing Workshop (© 2019) with her Jump Into Writing! partner, Lynne Dorfman.

Lynne Dorfman head shot

Lynne Dorfman

Lynne, a native of Philadelphia, received her bachelor's and master's degrees in elementary education, her supervisory certificate in elementary education, her reading specialist certificate from LaSalle University, and her educational leadership doctorate degree from Immaculata University.

She has thirty-eight years of experience with the Upper Moreland School District and twenty-five years of experience gathered in course work and presentation work for the Pennsylvania Writing & Literature Project.

Lynne is passionate about writing. She feels strongly about including grammar and mechanics in instruction throughout the day rather than relegating it to workbooks and isolated lessons. “The teaching of grammar should be both explicit and implicit. Every day teachers need to tuck in grammar and mechanics wherever and whenever it is applicable. That means your modeling or discussion might occur in social studies as easily as it might occur in writing and reading workshop."

Lynne has co-authored a number of professional development texts, including Welcome to Writing Workshop (© 2019) with her Jump Into Writing! partner, Stacey Shubitz.

Welcome to Writing Workshop

The Jump Into Writing! curriculum is a natural extension of the authors’ professional development book, Welcome to Writing Workshop, published by our sister company, Stenhouse. Both the curriculum and the book give educators practical, actionable advice for establishing a functioning writing workshop that speaks to all students in any classroom.

Download a Sample Chapter

Writing Workshop book cover

Jump Into Writing book cover

Writing Workshop Resources

Be inspired by Jabari, from Jabari Jumps—one of the many memorable characters your students will meet through our mentor texts—and Jump Into Writing!

Jump Into Writing!
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Welcome to Writing Workshop
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