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Discover the Joy in Learning to Read

Based on the proven-effective Superkids pedagogy, The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit for grades K–2 makes learning foundational skills joyful and successful. The kit provides the essentials—the instruction and materials—for daily word work within your literacy block. View the brochure to learn how the kit will complement your literacy instruction.

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Motivate and Engage Students With the Superkids

The Superkids are a lively cast of characters whose adventures and activities will keep your students motivated and engaged in learning foundational skills. Instruction cleverly connects the Superkids to concepts such as letters and sounds. Decoding practice includes captivating, episodic stories about these 14 loveable characters.

Meet the Superkids!

Cass portrait Cass portrait Oswald portraitOswald portrait Golly portraitGolly portrait Alf portraitAlf portrait Doc portraitDoc portrait Sal portraitSal portrait Lily portraitLily portrait Icky portraitIcky portrait Tic portraitTic portrait Tac portraitTac portrait Toc portraitToc portrait Frits portraitFrits portrait Etta portraitEtta portrait Hotrod portraitHotrod portrait

Complement Your Literacy Instruction

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit provides explicit lessons and student materials for 30–40 minutes of daily instruction focused exclusively on building foundational reading skills. The kit can supplement any core reading program, complement a balanced literacy framework, or be used as a stand-alone resource to support students with gaps in these skills.

The Superkids Foundational Skill Kit Sample Pages

Build the Foundation for Successful Reading

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit provides systematic, explicit instruction and practice in the foundational skills students need to be successful readers and writers—print concepts, phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency. These skills, along with handwriting, spelling, word analysis, and vocabulary, are taught using the Skills Books.

Download the chart for your grade level to review skills and objectives, unit by unit:

The Superkids Foundational Skill Kit Sample Pages

Apply Skills in Cumulatively Decodable Text to Increase Fluency

Students build automaticity and fluency by reading cumulatively decodable, highly engaging Superkids stories in the Skills Books and Decodable Books. Story text closely matches the sequence of phonetic elements taught.

Preview a Decodable Book for your grade level:

Explicit fluency instruction with decodable texts is the bridge between foundational skills and comprehension. As fluency builds, students’ understanding of text grows!

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Teach With Resources Designed for Engagement

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit provides full-color Skills Books and engaging Decodable Books for students. Instruction is contained in four Teacher’s Guides per grade level. Additional teacher resources include reproducible masters for independent practice, homework, and assessment, as well as sets of manipulative cards and online resources.

Foundational Skills Research

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit pedagogy is based on solid research evidence, reflects the body of research known as the science of reading, and helps students make meaningful reading progress.

The Science of Reading

Since the 1990s, converging evidence has shown that three areas of the brain are involved in reading. Children are not born with this reading network fully formed. They must be taught how to read in order for their brains to build the neural connections needed for the complex task of reading.

Download a white paper, Building a Strong Foundation for Learning to Read, for the compelling, current research on oral language, vocabulary, print concepts/letter knowledge, phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency.

Research Base

Explicitly and systematically teaching the relationship between letters and sounds—phonics—is necessary for children to develop efficient reading. To learn how The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit teaches phonics and the other critical foundational skills in research- and evidence-based ways, download the research base, Research Into Practice.

Evidence for Positive Effects on Students’ Early Reading Skills

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit contains the evidence-based foundational skills instruction found in the Word Work lessons of The Superkids Reading Program, Zaner-Bloser’s comprehensive English language arts program that qualifies for Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) funding with a Moderate level of evidence.

The Superkids Foundational Skills Kit contains the evidence-based literacy activities of The Superkids Reading Program and therefore also meets ESSA criteria for a Moderate level of evidence for positive effect on student early reading skills. Learn more.

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