Superkids Pyramid

Superkids Provides the Plan to Achieve Success

The Superkids Reading Program™ captivates students from the start with tales of the Superkids. These relatable characters and their ongoing adventures provide an engaging and cohesive framework for literacy success.‬‬

Superkids® is a comprehensive English language arts curriculum crafted for grades K–2 using evidence-based literacy practices and supported by a dedicated literacy team. This proven effective program follows a unique, systematic, and explicit instructional path through engaging, increasingly complex text.

Growing and learning with the Superkids by their side, all students develop the K–2 literacy skills they need to be successful in grade 3 and beyond.

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Superkids Pyramid


Build Success

Build success by implementing our proven-effective strategies and partnering with our dedicated literacy team.

Primary students must be taught to read—and how they’re taught matters. Superkids puts brain research into practice to explicitly and systematically develop the parts of the brain that are used for efficient and effective reading. Efficacy research proves that this approach works.‬‬

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Inspire Students

Inspire students through joyful, successful reading experiences with engaging texts and relatable characters who grow and learn by your students’ side.

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Superkids Game Video

Extend Learning

Extend learning from the start of grade K with a solid skills foundation that builds confidence and accelerates growth.

The program’s carefully designed, systematic and explicit literacy instruction progresses through increasingly complex text, building the essential foundation for efficient, fluent reading and effective comprehension.‬


Flourishing in Schools and Districts

Educators across the U.S. are creating success with Superkids. Read our case studies to discover how they are achieving results and to see what teachers and administrators have to say about the program.

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