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Memorization Doesn’t Make Mastery

Spelling instruction often consists of students memorizing a weekly spelling list. Spelling Connections is not your typical spelling program. Backed by extensive research, it uses carefully-curated spelling lists to teach patterns, build vocabulary, and develop the skills students need to become proficient spellers. Proficient spelling leads to improved skills in other areas, including more fluent writing.

Designed for grades K–8, Spelling Connections incorporates hands-on activities, motivating online resources, and differentiated instruction to make your students savvy spellers—all in just 15 minutes a day.

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Teach the Right Words at the Right Time

Spelling Connections started with thorough, extensive research. Before we chose a single spelling word, we examined what the evidence says about how to teach spelling systematically and effectively. The result is a program that presents the right words at the right time, so that every student can achieve spelling success.

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Materials for Action-Packed Spelling Instruction

Spelling Connections provides everything you need to plan and teach spelling, with an array of classroom resources to reinforce skills and tailor instruction to suit all learners. Spelling Connections features easy planning and up-to-date technology tools that help teachers and motivate students. You will receive

  • Teacher Edition
  • Student Edition
  • Online Games
  • Digital Resources

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Starting at $8.99 per student

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The Five-Day Plan for Spelling Mastery

The Spelling Connections Teacher Edition uses a clear, explicit five-day instructional plan that complements and reinforces your language arts curriculum by connecting to vocabulary, reading, and writing. With built-in differentiated instruction and assessments, you can meet students’ individual needs while ensuring your whole class is learning essential concepts and acquiring critical skills. The result: stronger readers, writers, and thinkers.

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Making Connections, Meeting Standards

You’re implementing standards in your classroom; Spelling Connections can help. See how the program correlates with standards for grades 1–8 with a program of instruction that strengthens your language arts curriculum.

Dedicated to Your Success

Zaner-Bloser offers customizable professional development services to support educators’ ongoing professional growth and meet their specific needs. These professional learning opportunities positively impact teacher knowledge and satisfaction and, in turn, student learning with Spelling Connections.

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