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A Word Study Approach

Backed by years of extensive ongoing research and author expertise, Spelling Connections takes a broader view of spelling as it relates to overall literacy improvement and success. This word-study approach provides a structured, systematic look at spelling patterns that teaches spelling in the context of

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  • Expanding vocabulary.
  • Enhancing comprehension.
  • Improving writing.

By building students’ reading brain with structured language instruction and multisensory activities, Spelling Connections results in the desired outcome of learning to spell while developing fluency and automaticity of word use and understanding at the same time.

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Meet the Author

Dr. J. Richard Gentry is a nationally acclaimed expert in the field of literacy with a particular focus in the areas of spelling and beginning reading. With over 30 years of research and classroom work, he has authored several professional books, including his newest Stenhouse title, BrainWords, © 2019. He also blogs for the Psychology Today website, conducts spelling-related workshops around the country, and is a regular speaker at national, state, and local literacy conferences.

Backed by Research and Experience

Spelling Connections started with thorough, extensive research. Before we chose a single spelling word, we examined what the evidence says about how to teach spelling systematically and effectively. The result is a program that presents the right words at the right time with the right strategies, so that every student can achieve spelling success.

A 5-Day Plan Centered Around Word Study

Spelling Connections uses a clear, consistent five-day instructional plan that complements and reinforces word study by connecting to phonics, vocabulary, reading, and writing. With built-in differentiated instruction and assessments, you can meet students’ individual needs while ensuring the whole class is learning essential concepts and acquiring critical skills. The result: stronger readers, writers, and thinkers.

Materials for Systematic Instruction

Spelling Connections provides everything you need to plan and teach spelling, with classroom resources to reinforce skills and tailor instruction to suit all learners. Spelling Connections features easy planning and up-to-date technology tools that help teachers and motivate students. Each grade level includes comprehensive support for teaching and learning.

  • Teacher Edition
  • Student Edition
  • Teacher Resource Book for Differentiated Instruction
  • Spelling Support for English Language Learners
  • Standardized Test Masters
  • Online Games
  • Digital Resources

Resources Geared to Successful Implementation

Zaner-Bloser offers a variety of resources designed to support and extend teacher’s professional growth and expertise. For Spelling Connections, this includes:

Expert Insights from Dr. J. Richard Gentry

Watch quick videos featuring the Spelling Connections author.