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A True Writing Workshop Approach…With Some Welcome Surprises!

Jump Into Writing! helps educators establish a writing workshop and teach the three key modes of writing—Narrative, Informational, and Opinion—at grades 2–5.

  • 20 daily lessons of writing instruction in each unit
  • Three optional Additional Minilessons to provide more in-depth coverage on particular topics

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Launching Unit

The Jump Into Writing! year-long program begins with a four-week Launching Unit to establish expectations and introduce the workshop approach.


Each grade-level Launching Unit includes guidelines for…

    …setting up the physical classroom.

    …envisioning spaces that encourage creativity and conferring.

    …building a welcoming, safe community.

    …getting to know each student.

    …establishing writing and critical-thinking routines.

Jump Into Writing! authors Lynne Dorfman and Stacey Shubitz talk about the importance of the Launching Unit for establishing a successful writing workshop.

Download a Launching Unit Sample Lesson

Jump Into Writing book covers

Genre Writing Units

After the Launching Unit, the workshop jumps into individual writing modes, broken down into six genre writing units.

  • Suggested lesson order (Narrative > Informational > Opinion) is based on feedback from teachers.
  • Rigor increases as writing proficiency builds.
  • Specific genres vary slightly by year.
  • Sample genres include
    • Modern Fairy Tales
    • Alphabet Books
    • Question and Answer Books
    • Biographies
    • Persuasive Speeches

A Comprehensive Set of Resources

Jump Into Writing! includes colorful Teacher Guides, engaging, inspiring mentor texts, online resources to enhance the workshop experience…and a unique student component!

Teacher Guides

  • Each grade level begins with a Launching Unit Teacher Guide with everything teachers need to establish a successful workshop.

  • Grade levels also include six genre writing unit Teacher Guides covering the three writing modes (two per each mode: Narrative, Informational, Opinion).

Jump Into Writing! book covers

Mentor Texts

  • A rich collection of mentor texts cover cross-curricular topics and provide exceptional modeling opportunities and diversity at all grade levels.

  • Mentor texts were carefully chosen by the authors to speak to a particular form or genre.

  • Texts are referenced throughout the 20 weeks of instruction.

Download Mentor Texts List

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Online Resources

MyZBPortal.com is the home for all Zaner-Bloser digital literacy solutions. The web-based portal allows students and teachers to access online resources from anywhere.

  • Jump Into Writing! instructional support on MyZBPortal.com includes
    • Digital copies of Teacher Guides
    • Projectable/reproducible anchor charts
    • Sharable writing samples
    • Writing assessment forms and rubrics
    • Graphic organizers
  • Teachers can access the professional development videos featured in Welcome to Writing Workshop.

Watch a brief walk-through video!

Familiarize yourself with navigation and explore writing workshop resources to support teachers available at MyZBPortal.com.

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Writers notebook

Writer’s Notebook

  • Unique to Jump Into Writing!, the student component offers developing writers a place to gather thoughts, work through ideas, and brainstorm next steps.

  • At the end of the year, students have a tangible take-home documenting their writing progress.

Dip a Toe—Or Make a Splash!

Jump Into Writing! is available as a school purchase, a grade-level classroom purchase, or even one writing module at a time. This allows a school to test the waters using a writing mode unit before making a full commitment!

Download a classroom packages flyer to see how each module package is structured, including components and genre writing unit topics at each grade level.

Teacher-friendly Instruction

The first thing teachers will notice when opening a Jump Into Writing! Teacher Guide? The engaging and accessible design!

  • Full-color lessons feature clear direction
  • Instruction is structured but NOT scripted
  • Easy-to-follow, four-part lesson plan
  • Suggested time limits for each section
  • Pre-written teachers’ writing samples, anchor charts, and grammar instruction for manageable pre-work
  • Single, streamlined rubrics

Children at a desk writing

A Community of Writers

Jump Into Writing! authors Lynne Dorfman and Stacey Shubitz realize that you can’t have a writing workshop without student writers! Student participation is crucial for success, and they’ve crafted this program to emphasize the joy and empowerment that comes from self-expression.

Children at a desk writing

childs drawing

Voice and Choice

From topic, workspace, and craft moves to artwork, dialogue, lists, and directions, Jump Into Writing! empowers students to choose how they want to take command of their writing and find their voice.

Mentor Texts

Meaningful Reading & Writing Models

Carefully chosen mentor texts—for each and every unit—provide inspiration and modeling opportunities. Simple yet powerfully written stories broaden horizons and build compassion.

Mentor Texts

independent writing sample sheet

Conversation, Writing Conventions & Critiques

Small group and conferencing activities provide opportunities to gauge each writer’s progress and provide feedback. Whether it’s additional grammar instruction or soliciting constructive criticism from their peers, there are opportunities to make progress each day.

Reflect and Share

Sharing Success

From daily Reflect and Share at the close of every lesson to published writing at the end of units, students learn that progress with their written pieces is something to be recognized by their peers and the entire school community.

Reflect and Share

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