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Teach Grammar and Conventions By Studying Craft in Authentic Texts

Most grammar instruction is about identifying mistakes and finding a single right answer. What if we shift our mindsets instead and empower students to notice what’s working in the books they read? Through a unique process of invitation, the Patterns of Power Family of Resources helps students uncover and appreciate the beauty and meaning of writing and grammar.

Patterns of Power supports teaching grammar authentically with flexibility through rich literature and quality conversations—and it works

without worksheets.

in just ten minutes per day.

with any literacy block or core curriculum.

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Meet the Patterns of Power Family of Resources

Building on the early success of the Patterns of Power Teacher Resource Book for grades 1–5, the Patterns of Power Family of Resources has expanded to support a wide variety of classroom needs.

Grade-Level Classroom Kits

Patterns of Power Plus Classroom Kits contain classroom-ready resources for 10-minute lessons for each grade, 1–5.

Teacher Resource Books

Teacher Resource Books provide lessons across multiple grades, covering the full PreK–12 curriculum. They are ideal for differentiating instruction.

Anchor and Mentor Text Collections

Author-curated text collections include authentic age-appropriate literature to celebrate craft and purpose in grades PreK–5.

Start the Grammar and Conventions Conversations Today!

The Patterns of Power invitational process provides opportunities for all students to discuss, learn, and apply the moves that good writers make. Students gain confidence and understanding to apply the process adeptly and consistently—across the year and across the grades.

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