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Spelling Connections in Texas

Spelling is crucial for developing confident, capable communicators. The most recent TEKS include multiple breakouts at every grade level that require explicit spelling instruction.

Great news: Spelling Connections © 2020 Texas edition meets 100% of the current TEKS for spelling AND can be incorporated into classroom instruction in a few minutes throughout the day. Both teachers and students benefit!

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Don't Just Assign Spelling—Teach It!

Spelling Connections is the definitive method for spelling instruction—a proven program with over 30 years of research behind it that empowers educators to teach spelling.

Instruction for Grades 1–6

Explicit, flexible instruction provides daily differentiation through meaningful practice activities, technology, and word sorting.

  • Unit planners include both 5-day and 3-day plans to meet teachers’ time constraints and classroom schedules.
  • Spelling Connections word lists are carefully chosen to be grade-level and developmentally appropriate, based on analysis of established word lists and vocabulary studies.
  • Lists are organized by pattern to gradually build upon previous knowledge.
  • Pretests help teachers assign Below, On, or Above level lists.
  • When appropriate, callouts highlight the Six Syllable Types within and across grade levels for students and teachers.
  • NEW! Online Tools extend instruction for use at home or in learning centers.
    • Scannable QR codes take students directly to opportunities to listen to the words being spelled out loud and used in sentences.
    • Additional digital components include online games, whiteboard activities, and Teacher Edition eBooks.

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100% Correlation to the Spelling TEKS—at Every Grade, 1–6!

Spelling Connections © 2020 meets 100% of the TEKS for spelling. Click on the links below to download detailed correlations at each grade level.

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Pedagogical Highlights

Complete units at each grade level are available for review at For your convenience, we’ve included excerpts from the Spelling Connections Teacher Edition here. Download individual pages to learn about

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A Brief Note About Time

New digital tools available on provide even more ideas and opportunities for reinforcing spelling skills across the curriculum—while keeping an eye on the clock. Download a Spelling Time-Saving Routines guide with tips for incorporating quick instruction throughout the day.

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Visit to take a tour of the components and explore our digital Spelling Connections hub!

Program Components

Although it doesn’t take a lot of time to implement in the classroom, Spelling Connections is a complete program with a rich selection of components. You’ll find them easy to use and incorporate into instruction across the curriculum. Click on the classroom package component below to download a sample lesson spread from grade 3.

Contact your Texas Sales Team for information about a physical sample of Spelling Connections.

*Online ancillaries are available for purchase in print form separately from the classroom package.

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